New employees often possess valuable skills, yet they also need specialized knowledge and know-how to become key members of your enterprise.


Meanwhile, high turnover is the name of the game in more and more industries – therefore, the need to increase the efficiency and cost control of on-boarding is incredibly valuable.


video eLearning-

the way to go for successful onboarding!

Efficient training: The uQualio video eLearning platform is an incredibly efficient way to train new and current employees. Our concept is based on microlearning (small bites of material) in combination with practice questions, gaming, and competition, which allows you to create easily managed and effective courses. Employees can train 5 minutes at a time, learn ad hoc, on the go, and when the need arises.  

Self-paced: Self-paced onboarding allows new employees to thoroughly understand a single topic before moving to another. This ensures maximum retention and mitigates the need for repeated training.

Different onboarding needs: Use the uQualio platform to create an 'Onboarding Academy' to address different educational needs within your workforce.

First impressions matter: Onboarding is one of the first things new employees experience about your business. With uQualio video eLearning training programs, employees are immediately exposed to easy, fun, yet professional training programs that help to capture their imagination and creativity, while ensuring competency.  

Always available: By making courses available 24/7, the uQualio platform also provides performance support, helping employees to review critical skills, know-how, and knowledge. 

Video eLearning can increase motivation and impact: With uQualio you can create interactive and engaging onboarding courses, which both increases the impact of the training today and can be reused to train batches of new employees.

Cost-efficient: Video eLearning courses on uQualio are easy to understand, and can be accessed on any device when needed. You can also use the onboarding courses repeatedly - saving time, effort, and money.

Blended learning: Combine video eLearning with traditional training as part of your onboarding. Send out pre- and post-training material using uQualio. Giving you the ability to monitor what has been accomplished and to follow up with specific training or coaching as needed.

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