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Marketing Training Software That Helps Your Team Grow

uQualio makes marketing training simple. With the growth of your company being reliant on marketing, using the right software is imperative. uQualio enables you to keep your marketing team up to date with the latest tools, trends and strategies. Create the content and courses that best fits your marketing departments needs. 

Video eLearning For Marketing Teams


Create A Marketing Toolbox


With uQualio your marketing team can train anytime, anywhere. Create a comprehensive marketing toolbox for your marketing software. Training your marketing team in the software that your organization uses has never been simpler. The course content is created by you, for you. 



Transform Marketing Training


Keep your team up to date on all your marketing initiatives, strategies and trends from one platform. The uQualio platform makes it easy to update existing courses and create new courses. Available on all devices your team always stays up to date on new developments.


Tracking Development


Create your own custom dashboards to track your teams progress. With custom dashboards you are easily able to see how far employees are in their marketing training. Easily send reminders, emails and text messages from within the platform for seamless communication.

Transform Training In Your Marketing Team

The uQualio all-in-one software platform is designed with you in mind. The platform is designed to make sure that your team is always up to date with the latest developments in your marketing department. The platform offers a user-friendly experience, instant access to the latest training from any device, and gamification elements to keep your team motivated.


Create Your Own Video eLearning Content

Create tailor made content to suit your organizational training needs in minutes, with our fully customizable in-built template.


You can easily upload or create new videos to the platform. Edit and update your videos inside uQualio to tailor your course content at any time.


Create quizzes after each video or course to maximise knowledge retention.

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