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The field of digital marketing is fast-changing and highly competitive. To keep your business up to date with the latest best practices, tools, and trends, eLearning is the best way to deliver digital marketing training, so your people can keep pace with the latest industry developments.

But more importantly - Increase the range and value of your outreach by using video eLearning to create product awareness, by building strategic advantages by sharing compelling aspects of your products and services e.g. through timed customer competitions to increase product awareness. 


Why use uQualio?

It is crucial for the success of a digital marketer to identify the trends that are important and focus on developing a strategy to get ahead. See more here:

By creating eLearning courses for either your marketing team or for your products with the uQualio platform you ensure that everyone in your company can stay up to date, without spending hours on each individual. 

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Why video marketing?

Competition for consumer attention is steadily increasing, and the obvious answer is that they largely opt-out of text-heavy content formats. A survey conducted by HubSpot shows that 54 % of consumers would like to see video content from brands, while only 18 percent will read blogs, and 17 % will download e-books.

The same study also concludes that 52 % of marketers designate video content as the content format that is best for generating ROI. Aberdeen Group agrees with the consideration and states that companies that use video content as part of their marketing efforts grow their revenue 49 pe% faster than companies that do not use video.


So, why video? The conclusion is clear: You must jump on the video content bandwagon if you want to reach new heights with your marketing efforts, as video content is extremely effective in creating user engagement and creating results on your bottom line.


Video content is a high priority

Video content is hard to forget because it speaks to your consumers' senses and emotions. Video leaves a lot of impressions, as a video consists of sound, images, music, graphics, effects, text, etc., which all contribute to the consumers' overall impression of your company as well as your products and / or solutions.

According to a Danish industry analysis - Content Marketing in Denmark 2019 - as many as 75 % of Danish companies prioritize video production higher in 2019 compared to last year & with good reason. Video is considered as the most unforgettable content format compared to text and images.


Video marketing has great digital potential

Due to the video's inviting format and ability to speak to consumers' senses and emotions, video content has great digital potential for sharing and likes. Consumers are more likely to share and like video content over other content formats, allowing you to achieve a great reach on your social platforms and strengthen the relationship with your target audience.

58 pct. of the companies surveyed in the analysis above also rate video as effective in relation to their goals with content marketing. The numbers speak for themselves: Video marketing acts as an effective element of your company's content marketing strategy.

And note - consumers who watch video are 1.8 times more likely to make a purchase than those who do not.

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What People Say

"uQualio® is a great modern way of doing 5 minutes training with a very simple way of organizing, communicating and administrating it. It is NOT like the usual "monster" eLearning tools that are used by large HR Departments. It is really operational, simple and result focused. Focusing on sustaining a high quality operation, this can really help us at a very low cost. I am not very often impressed. But it is really good"

—  Martin Sattrup Christensen, Chairman of DigiRehab A/S 

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