The industry faces numerous challenges - 

For many, the quality of their value chain is a critical component of success. 

In an interconnected world, businesses must ensure that the right set of skills are present within their own organization, as well as relying heavily on the performance of their sales and service partners. Thus, training has become a core factor.

Why video eLearning can be a game changer for modern manufacturers!

Simplify onboarding of new employees or changes in job functions: Use uQualio® to simplify employee onboarding and relocation with video eLearning.

Employee Retention and Training: Many manufacturing sectors are having a difficult time finding competent labor and retaining their current workforce. Use uQualio® to support new employee training, and implement continuous training programs to support and improve the current workers through its video eLearning platform.  

Safety and compliance tracking: Use uQualio® to offer safety training programs, monitor employee comprehension of any material through testing, review or follow up as necessary and document to authorities and customers that your employees have the right knowledge. 

Partners, Vendors, and Distributors: The need to train your partners and ensure their competence in sales, technical support and implementation is critical. Use uQualio® to offer video based learning programs to ensure all members of your value chain are up-to-date, ready to excel and contribute to your business. 

Automation - increase quality and decrease cost: Manufacturing today increasingly focuses on automation in order to reduce costs, minimize human error, and better utilize employees to focus on other, more value added tasks. Use uQualio® to automate your training, new product rollouts, and build momentum in various ways. 

Need for information on demand: Use uQualio® to provide technical support for operations as well as customers via video - the perfect solution when the need for immediate information is critical. 

Training can be revisited: Complex topics take both effort and time to understand - use uQualio® to offer training, review and monitor comprehension. Also, revisiting training sessions ensures employees don't forget critical material. With uQualio®, courses are always readily available. 

Mobile-friendly: Use uQualio® to communicate with employees via mobile, tablet or PC on factory floor, warehouse, or any location as uQualio® is optimized to be used on any device.

Courses are easy to create, distribute and understand: With uQualio® you only need one system as it is easy to create and distribute video courses. Whether it is product training, process training, manufacturing good practices, or even sales training, you can easily use videos to create engaging and interactive eLearning courses that are directly available on any device. 

International Courses: use uQualio® to create multi-lingual material - use separate channels for each language - there is virtually no limit on the number of channels available.

Bite sized courses: You can break down complex manufacturing and assembling processes into bite sized audio + video courses, content that then becomes perfect to be revisited and reviewed. 

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