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Reporting & Communication

The platform offers admin users a multitude of reports on different levels. Get reports on the course and channel level to log all user activity and accomplishments. 

All reports are dynamic and up to date and can be downloaded to excel. There are several filtering options on reports based on your selections.  

You can communicate with your users within the platform. You can send emails and text messages to either individuals or groups of users. 

Data visibility & Privacy

The platform enables you to make data visible to relevant admins, making the platform GDPR compliant. This is managed through the different admin roles.

  • Account managers can see all data across channels and courses.  
  • Channel managers can see data on courses that are published on a specific channel and on user activities related to users who have access to the specific channel.  
  • Course assistants can see data on a specific course group.  
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The ‘All User Activity’ Course Overview Report 

The All User Activity report gives you a complete picture of the users’ progress, performance, and completion rates. 

This report includes a summary of quizzes and tests taken, including access dates. 

Easily identify the strengths of your online training course design or identify areas for improvement.

Pinpoint patterns and trends that may be able to explain individual performance issues.

Learner Progress, Practice Questions & Completion Report

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With the Learner Progress and Completion report, you can see if your users have accessed the course, viewed the videos, and completed the courses. 

The users' progress and completion rate reports allow you to monitor individual performance so that you can intervene when necessary or nudge users to ensure their participation by email or text. 

The practice questions and answer reports offer detailed insights for each topic, the practice questions, and how long it takes for learners to complete each training module. 

Course Evaluation is also possible - add poll questions and open questions to a course, you can get feedback from your users.

Certification grade/results

Customize User Certification

Achievements List & Certification Tracking 

After completing a course, the user will earn a badge/certificate.

The Achievement report allows you to keep track of certificate completions.  

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