The course builder template makes it easy for both admins to create courses and for users to take courses.

Course Builder

Our powerful course builder offers a flexible, customizable, and easy-to-use course template.

In other words: you’re in charge of your content. Our all-in-one platform makes it simple for you to publish and update your courses in real-time.  


Build Video-based Courses Easy

You can add videos in many ways to the platform

  • Smartphone – record and edit a video on your phone and upload it directly ​
  • Screencasting – use the build-in screen recorder to record your screen and voice simultaneously  
  • Upload your pre-recorded audio or video files with ease  
  • Link to new or existing YouTube and Vimeo videos
Quick Create Menu Builder

Create Videos Simply by Using your Phone 

Pick up your smartphone and start making videos. In a matter of a few simple steps, you can create the course material:

  1. Log in to our platform via your smartphone 
  2. Click “Quick Create” in the menu 
  3. Decide if you want to create a new course or update an existing one 

It’s that simple… and with our scene selector, you can also cut your video into segments, in order to shorten your content.  

Creating an eLearning course from your phone has never been easier!  

Record video on the software platform

Make Screen Recording Videos

Do you have an important Powerpoint or Keynote presentation you want to turn into a course? 

With uQualio, you can use the screen recording tool you can easily turn long presentations into micro-learning courses.

  1. Record the slides while explaining what people see
  2. Don’t think about uploading – our platform adds it automatically. 
  3. Cut the video with the scene selector, if needed, or leave it as is. The choice is yours. 

Add Video - Upload Video

Do you have an archive of pre-recorded videos or links to a streaming platform? 

Anything goes. 

Webinars, online meetings, and training sessions have become a popular method of sharing knowledge with others. With our platform, you can transform them into engaging knowledge sharing. 

Turn your videos into bite-sized videos that cover a wide array of topics.  Simply upload your training videos to our platform and cut from there.

You can also link to your existing videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

The choice is all yours!


Micro-learning & Performance Support

 – there are many ways to engage a user 

Micro-learning & Performance Support

Micro-learning videos are ideal for easy and accessible learning. Your users have access to micro-learning content with a responsive user interface. This means they can access it from any device, anytime, anywhere. Like really. 

You can also add files and links to each video for each course. This enables complex information to be accessed at any given time. You attach quizzes and compile your micro-courses into a playlist.  

By creating micro-learning videos, you make it easy for your users to search and access their desired course videos. By making access easy for you and the user, their level of performance increases.   


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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