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Course Builder

The course builder template makes it easy for both admins to create courses and for users to take courses.

The all-in-one platform makes it simple for you to publish and update courses in real-time. 

Easily Build Courses using Video

It’s easy to make training courses with videos 

  • Smartphone – record your processes as they are happening ​
  • Screencasting – Using PowerPoint or any other software program of choice  
  • Upload – Easily upload pre-recorded materials  
  • Link to YouTube and Vimeo to upload your video materials
Add Video - Upload Video

Upload Pre-recorded Videos, or Link to Videos on Streaming platforms 

Webinars, online meetings, and training sessions have become the most popular method to relay information to users.

With the platform, you can transform your webinars or online training sessions into information that is easily digestible.

Turn your long videos into several short videos covering specific topics.

Just upload your training videos into the platform and edit from there.

You can also choose to link your courses to another streaming platform like YouTube or Vimeo. 

  • Correct or incorrect 
  • Poll 
  • Open answer 

“Correct or incorrect” and “Poll” questions are available as part of the quiz, where “Open answer” only is available as part of the final exam/certification.

Micro-learning & Performance Support

Micro-learning & Performance Support

Micro-learning videos for easy and accessible learning. Users have access to micro-learning videos with a responsive design from any device, anytime. 

You can add files and links to each video for each course. This functionality enables more complex information to be processed at any given time. 

The course design makes it simple to add videos in the order in which they should be viewed. Turn your micro-learning courses into a playlist with quiz questions! 

By creating short micro-learning videos, you make it easy for users to search and access the video courses they need, whenever they may need it, making performance support easy and accessible for all. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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