Feature list

Course Creation

Course Authoring

Upload video and audio from all devices

Interactive Quizzes w. show the right answer option

Certification / Test, multiple question types

Multiple passing levels

Achievement badges

Video Scene Selector


Multiple reports, dynamic and real time w. filtering options

Data export

Communication and Invitations

In system notifications, E-mail & SMS

Learner's feedback

Invitation scheduling in accordance with course planning


Unlimited amount of courses, videos, user access to public and protected courses on public channels, and storage space (fair use)

3Gb size limit per upload of video/audio file

3 Gb size limit per upload of additional content file. Includes Virus Scan

Alternative hosting sources for your videos

Move easily between Subscription Levels

Advanced course settings

Amount of final tests for user (not free trial)

Content display based on timers, quiz passing and finished topics (not free trial)

App's usability and accessibility across devices

Responsive, Browser-Based Cloud application

Learner's access via all devices, or Mobile only

Full admin functionality on mobile, tablet and PC

On course admin features - add learners, communicate with group of learners, track learners activity

Admin roles

Account Manager

Course assistant (local admin user)

Content Manager (from performance level)

Course Manager (from performance level)

Channel Manager (from Starter+ level)

User management

Upload or Copy user lists

Invite from your Channel user list

Manual user invitation or removal

Course publishing options

Public - available for all (not free trial)

Protected - registered users only (not free trial)

Private (invited only)

On your own channel on uQualio

Direct link only

Course and Attendance group planning

Channel options

Public, Private or No site


Multi-languages for learners

Directory options

Public channels shown on public channel Directory

Public courses shown on public channel Directory 

Own channel Directory - White label and Embedded solution only

Own course Directory - White label and Embedded solution only


Live Chat, FAQ, Tutorials and E-mail

API (from Business level)

API user creation

API single sign-on

API course user participation management

Social Media functionalites

Sharing of channels, courses and user public profile (not in the Embedded solution)

Sharing of badges

User Follow of channels, areas of interest and other users

Users bench-marking against other users


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