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Employee Onboarding and Training

Simplify your pre-boarding and onboarding processes using the uQualio all-in-one video eLearning software. Easily create your own custom onboarding courses to fit your company needs.  Automate your employee onboarding and follow-ups in a personalized way.

Video eLearning For Successful Employee Onboarding


Employee Engagement


Kickstart employee engagement before day one. Introduce new hires to your company and the information and training they need before their first day of work. You can automatically assign relevant courses for new employees and communicate with them in the platform.


Employee Onboarding


Create a customized onboarding academy to train employees. Easily incorporate training from all facets of your organization to specific training relevant to their position within your organization. Onboard your new hires easily and quickly, in record time.

Tracking Development


Create your own custom dashboards to track employee progress. With custom dashboards you are easily able to see how far employees are in their onboarding journey. Easily send reminders, emails and text messages from within the platform for seamless communication.

Create Your Own Onboarding Flow

Create the onboarding flow that works best for your organization and new employees.

Employees have the ability to onboard at their on pace, anytime and from any device.

With the uQualio micro-learning concept and in collaboration with practice quizzes at the end of each course, you increase knowledge retention rates by allowing employees to learn at their own pace.


Create Your Own Content

Create tailor made content to suit your organizational training needs in minutes, with our fully customizable in-built template.


You can easily upload or create new videos to the platform. Edit and update your videos inside uQualio to tailor your course content at any time.


Create quizzes after each video or course to maximise knowledge retention.

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