Employee Onboarding & Training Software

Simplify your pre-boarding and onboarding processes using the uQualio all-in-one video eLearning platform.

Easily create your own custom onboarding courses to fit your company's needs. Automate your employee onboarding and follow-ups in a personalized way.

Transform Your Customer Service Training 

Transform your customer service training by making it easy to organize, coordinate, and communicate. Consolidate your customer service training on one platform, ensuring seamless communication. 

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Standardize Your Training

Keep your training consistent across your organization, make sure everyone is getting and understanding the same information.


Save Time On Training

Help employees train online, on-demand, and at their own pace. Ensure maximum knowledge retention and understanding by implementing quizzes and tests.

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Lower Your Training Costs

Lower your training costs by being able to eliminate travel, venues, and instructor-led courses. Bringing your training online allows employees to train at will and for courses to be updated when needed. 

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Available On All Devices

Make it easy to train anytime and anywhere. Log in from any device or browser and complete courses.

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Try to make your own training

Achieve Online Training Success

uQualio is designed with the user in mind to make sure the way you design, communicate and deliver your message is successful.

uQualio is easy to use, packed with user-friendly features, and easy navigation. Your training is effective and consistent every time.

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User-Friendly Platform

Making learning easy and inviting for your employees, with an easy-to-navigate platform that is actually fun to use.

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We Speak Your Language

 Located globally? Not a problem. Switch the settings to the language they feel comfortable with.

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Engage employees by making gamification a part of your training. Use badges, certifications, and points to make learning fun.

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Communicate in the platform. You can send bulk emails and text messages or communicate with users individually. 

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Customize the look and feel of your platform that represents your brand, culture, and organizational identity.

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Track and measure your employees' progress across the board with our customizable reporting tool. Get the information you need easily.

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Create Your Own Employee Onboarding Flow

Create the onboarding flow that works best for your organization and new employees.

Employees have the ability to onboard at their own pace, anytime and from any device.

With the uQualio micro-learning concept and in collaboration with practice quizzes at the end of each course, you increase knowledge retention rates by allowing employees to learn at their own pace.

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Create your Own Onboarding Content

Create tailor-made content to suit your organizational training needs in minutes, with our fully customizable in-built template.

You can easily upload or create new videos to the platform. Edit and update your videos inside uQualio to tailor your course content at any time.

Create quizzes after each video or course to maximize knowledge retention.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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