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Fremco Fiberblowing machines

FREMCO is a Danish company specializing in the development and production of fiber-blowing machines of the highest possible caliber.

The expansion into several new regions resulted in the rapid growth of both their consumer and employee base. Everyone needed to be aligned in learning FREMCO’s key areas. The choice landed on uQualio as the key platform to train both employees, resellers, and end customers.  

We sat down with Kenneth Filipsen, The Technical Sales Manager. We asked him "Why FREMCO choose uQualio over other platforms?" 

“I play a key role in our organization as I’m sort of a hybrid: I oversee projects, solve technical problems, and I’m a concept entrepreneur. The problem is: I can’t be everywhere at once. With uQualio, I have a tool to reach our consumer base and our employees. In other words: I can now be everywhere at once. During the past many years Fremco´s revenue has risen with 25% annual. In 2020 we achieved a revenue increase of 34%. We would not have been able to do that without the use of uQualio.” 

Why did you choose uQualio for your needs?  

We are expanding, and we need an efficient way to get everything aligned. Compared to earlier, we have reduced our training cost with 30-45 % and have achieved a much higher impact of the trainings. . It´s like having 10 extra employees doing training!”  

The main benefits from choosing uQualio? 

The main benefit is security and control. In other video platforms, I can’t be 100% sure that my data isn’t shared with a third party. Or in YouTube, for instance, I can’t be sure that an Ad from our competitor won’t show up at the beginning of our training video. We need a controlled environment because of the specialized work that we do. And that’s the main benefit of uQualio: To provide an efficient, secure, video-based platform for specialized companies, that rely on expertise, and have to share that expertise across platforms, regions, and corporate cultures. Besides that uQualio is the only platform that truly enables distribution of management. Meaning all employees AND resellers can share courses with end-customers directly in the day-to-day user interface. You don’t need to be an IT-expert to manage the growth of world-wide users."

Why did FREMCO choose uQualio?

Quotes from Kenneth Filipsen, The Technical Sales Manager, Fremco.

TOP video-based LMS software


"We need to be able to make our own video-based training with proprietary information for both resellers, sales partners, and endusers. uQualio makes this easy!"

Access Control & Security


"We need uQualios controlled environment to control who sees our specialized our specialized training courses and get certified."



"As we are expanding it is important to us to have a system that is available and accessible - uQualio is accessible 24/7 all over the world!"



"We needed a company that would listen to our needs - we find that uQualio listens and have over time added features we needed!"

Easy to use


"uQualio is simple in the day-to-day work and at the same time extremely scalable!".



"We have researched the LMS market, and we consider uQualio as among the top 5 vendors in the world. And by far the most versatile solution. The platform suits need for all sizes of companies because of the license model."

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