Create & Sell your own Online Courses

Turn your expertise into online courses to make your business thrive!

The world has changed. People have gotten used to learning online. More and more schools and training companies have taken the consequence and are focusing on making more eLearning available. And uQualio is the online course and distribution platform you need!

By choosing a White Label solution you can get your own online training course platform, with your own branding, and configuration based on your needs. You can build and make eLearning courses online available. 24/7. 

How are you going to sell them? Through your webshop, by direct selling, subscription-based, per course, per program, how long the access should be, etc. – it is your decision!

It is easy to get started. Several course vendors record online classes, training videos, digital marketing courses, etc. in a studio or with a smartphone, use animation software, or save the video file from a webinar and turn it into an eLearning course.

To promote your offerings, you can also make teaser courses available where the potential customers see a gift video but have to sign up to see the rest. This way potential customers get a taste of your products before they register – this works great as 'lead generation' as well.

Through the inbuilt badge system, your customers can even help to promote your business by allowing them to share their course certificates on the social media.



Add your video


Select scenes and add questions


Publish your eLearning course

Quality. Quantity. Qualification.

Take the intro course where you try being a user, learn about the uQualio value proposition, & get a 14-day free admin trial.

Social solution Example COURSES

Turn your expertise into online courses to make your business thrive!

uQualio is the online course and distribution platform you need.


You build your landing page channel, you make video courses that are either publicly available on our social solution directory, or you turn them into private learning courses that only invited paying customers can see.


The process of setting up a channel and making online training courses is fast & simple (no custom coding, unreliable plugins, and security hacks). A course consists of bite-sized videos to make retention bigger, descriptions of the videos and task, and added files/pictures, etc. Add questions to support the key learnings of every video. And reward your customers with badges that can be shared on social media for them to market their new knowledge and thereby they help you market your business.

You can communicate or nudge your customers on a training course to ensure they get the full benefit of their investment, and they can send you feedback or answers back by text, or files.  

You have complete customer insights in the reports and can see how each customer and subscriber interacts with your content.

You of course own your own content and data.

For payments you just use your own existing eCommerce shop or make PayPal buttons and as soon as an online course is paid you give them access to the course. In this way, you have total control over your content, pricing, and data.

We know that your business means everything to you, and you can relax knowing that with us you get the best support team in the industry to help you if needed.

With uQualio you can grow your email lists, build sales funnels, create products & programs, and give you happy knowledgeable customers.


"uQualio is a great modern way of doing 5 minutes training with a very simple way of organizing, communicating and administrating it. It is NOT like the usual "monster" eLearning tools that are used by large HR Departments. It is really operational, simple and result focused. Focusing on sustaining a high quality operation, this can really help us at a very low cost. I am not very often impressed. But it is really good"

—  Martin Sattrup Christensen, Chairman of DigiRehab A/S 




Modern eLearning 

Online Training focused on microlearning courses & bite-sized training videos. This makes it easier for your learners to digest the knowledge. 


Use your own videos

It is easier than ever to create training videos, and therefore, easier than ever to make video training. 


Train everywhere on all devices 

M-Learning is the new way of learning. Mobile learning online removes physical barriers, making all your learning material easily accessible. 


Features that support learning

eLearning uses gamification, tests, and communication features to support your audience's learning process. Including social learning possibilities.

High Impact – Low-Cost Training

Online Training provides high impact visual training at a very low-cost incl. potential marketing/branding of your company through diplomas on SoMe.

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