How can you benefit from e-Learning Webinars?

Even though webinars have been around for a while now, many organizations still find them intimidating.


However, with proper planning, even a non-technical person should be able to conduct effective webinars.


Webinars can be used for just about anything starting from teaching people how to use a tool to lecturing or providing information on the topic of importance.

Why use uQualio?

With the uQualio eLearning platform, organizations can provide employees with any kind of training they need at a given moment to learn new skills or gain the knowledge necessary, regardless of how large their teams are and where team members are based.

Why you should integrate your LMS with Online Webinar Services?

Learning Management Systems play an important role in the eLearning field. If you want to transform your learning into a complete education environment with online training courses, you will need to integrate it with the webinar software.

Benefits from implementation of webinar tools:

Reduced costs

Improved teamwork

Improved social learning experiences

Removal of geographical limitations

Possibility to involve professionals to host training

Webinars provide great opportunities for learning. They can be live and recorded beforehand, so they can be delivered to the audience at a specific time. You can add a Q&A session to your online meeting, which is usually found very helpful by most people. 

Furthermore, the uQualio platform offers you the option to turn your recorded webinars into bite-sized online training courses. A very easy and effective way for your audience to learn, and it is very simple to create. 

Take eLearning to the next level!

Online education is not optional anymore. And many of the educational institutions are implementing online techniques. Coordinating eLearning activities from LMS is a great method, but you can achieve more impressive results with webinars included in it.

How does it work?


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What People Say

"uQualio® is a great modern way of doing 5 minutes training with a very simple way of organizing, communicating and administrating it. It is NOT like the usual "monster" eLearning tools that are used by large HR Departments. It is really operational, simple and result focused. Focusing on sustaining a high quality operation, this can really help us at a very low cost. I am not very often impressed. But it is really good"

—  Martin Sattrup Christensen, Chairman of DigiRehab A/S 

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The uQualio® team would like to invite all potential admins to join us for the next upcoming webinar

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