compliance courses 

Compliance training is educating employees on laws, regulations, and company policies that apply to their day-to-day job responsibilities.


An organization that engages in compliance courses typically hopes to accomplish several goals:

  1. avoiding and detecting violations by employees that could lead to legal liability for the organization;

  2. creating a more hospitable and respectful workplace;

  3. laying the groundwork for a partial or complete defense in the event that employee wrongdoing occurs despite the organization's training efforts; 

  4. adding business value and competitive advantage

On the uQualio eLearning platform, you can record online learning videos on your phone of how you want your employees to behave, upload it to the eLearning platform and easily make a small online compliance course. You can also add questions to ensure their new knowledge and then publish.



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Add your video


Select scenes and add questions


Publish your eLearning course

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why Make Compliance Courses

The variation of learning courses that fall under the “compliance training” is huge. Your location, industry, and activities all dictate what you need to be compliant in, and in turn, the training you need to deliver. Some examples:

  • Anti-Harassment Training

  • Workplace Safety & Hygiene

  • Workplace Violence

  • Workplace Substance Abuse

  • Information Security Training 

  • GDPR/HR Law

  • Diversity Training

  • Company policy compliance 

Benefits of compliance training

The benefits of online compliance training are often ignored because of a more pressing issue - avoiding the consequences and penalties of non-compliance! It’s still important to focus on the big picture and the benefits that arise from compliance courses, such as:

  • Safer Workplaces

  • More productive workplace

  • Ability to secure insurance

  • Protection of business reputation

  • Minimized risk of legal action

  • Reduced absenteeism due to injury

Next steps for running compliance training online

If you are in a role that is tasked with maintaining compliance, setting up online training courses will be a key project for you. The steps that you have to take are as follows:

  1. Identify the legislation or regulation that your company needs to satisfy.

  2. Evaluate the specific criteria that need to be satisfied.

  3. Acquire course content from a reputable source  - many can be found online or you can make your own.  

  4. Upload or play the video on the uQualio eLearning platform - add questions and publish directly to your employees.

  5. Track each user’s activity to produce a reliable and accurate audit trail.


Setting up a compliance training program is simple

Train your employees with uQualio. The easy to use video eLearning platform system that has the features you need to achieve training success.

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What People Say

"uQualio is a great modern way of doing 5 minutes training with a very simple way of organizing, communicating and administrating it. It is NOT like the usual "monster" eLearning tools that are used by large HR Departments. It is really operational, simple and result focused. Focusing on sustaining a high quality operation, this can really help us at a very low cost. I am not very often impressed. But it is really good"

—  Martin Sattrup Christensen, Chairman of DigiRehab A/S 



Modern eLearning 

Online Training focused on microlearning courses & bite-sized training videos. This makes it easier for your learners to digest the knowledge. 


Use your own videos

It is easier than ever to create training videos, and therefore, easier than ever to make video training. 


Train everywhere on all devices 

M-Learning is the new way of learning. Mobile learning online removes physical barriers, making all your learning material easily accessible. 


Features that support learning

eLearning uses gamification, tests, and communication features to support your audience's learning process. Including social learning possibilities.

High Impact – Low-Cost Training

Online Training provides high impact visual training at a very low-cost incl. potential marketing/branding of your company through diplomas on SoMe.

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