Everybody should create something truly useful, that moves the world positively 

Meaningful and high-quality learning, a responsible and productive team, and an agile and global environment is what makes uQualio®. 

Meet us

Kent, CEO 
Christian, CPO
Hatla, COO

In 2015, uQualio®’s CEO Kent Valentin Fallesen believed, that video eLearning would eventually become the preferred learning method. Kent had a huge passion for software and learning...


Then in 2017 uQualio® officially became a company as Christian Bjerre Nielsen boarded the team to help with the development and became the CPO (Chief Product Officer) and Hatla Færch Johnsen who became COO - joined and became co-owners and long-term investors. 


In 2018, the start-up expanded by adding a development center in Minsk and in February the first customer uses uQualio® in production.


The company launched the free Admin Trial in January 2019, allowing the platform to be launched globally. In May 2019, uQualio® hired an international team to represent different countries and languages including; Germany, The United States, Denmark, Spain, and Venezuela.


Currently, uQualio® is working towards a global initiative that aims to help companies, NGO’s, schools, and start-ups all around the world.

UN Sustainable Development Goals


The UN SDG are 17 Global Goals agreed on to create a better world by 2030. Their objective is to end poverty, fighting inequality and address the urgency of climate change. 

At uQualio®, we believe in the power of individual actions to make the world a better place. For this reason, the UN Sustainable Development Goals guide our targets and purpose of our business: helping people perform better!

Therefore we have a special offer for NGO's & Schools - you can read more here.

The Global team

The team has representatives from the following countries: Germany, The United States, Denmark, Spain, and Venezuela, supporting the German, English, Danish, and Spanish languages.


This team was hired to gain perspective on what the world needs in terms of eLearning and to help connect to people globally.


If you feel more comfortable communicating with us in one of these languages, please feel free to send it to us in that language and we will happily respond. 

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