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Professional skills are your biggest asset!

That's why you should not just say that you got qualifications - ​you need to show it to get ahead in your career.

uQualio® is a social media and online platform for professionals to achieve, test, and promote qualifications.

​​With uQualio you can for free, take online video courses, answer questions to validate your learnings – and you even get to share your award badges on social media if you want to compete with your friends and colleagues.

This way you also show that you got qualifications ​so that current or potential future employers can see just how qualified you are! So don't just tell it. Show and share it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to register as a user on the platform?

Yes! Just press sign in, enter your email, set up your password, and you are ready to start learning new skills online!

How can I share my badges?

If the creator of the course allows it, you can share your badge on social media once you have passed a test. 

Does it cost money to learn new skills on the platform?

No, uQualio® is a free eLearning platform that works as a social network. It is free for individuals to register as a member and take courses on their personal accounts. It is also free to share your badges on your social media so your friends and colleagues know all about your new skills!  

Find answers to other FAQs here!

Are you ready to be qualified?

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—  Ronnie Vindbjerg Pedersen, head of Training & Development 

“I tried the uQualio® video eLearning platform during the Christmas promotion. Due to the nature of my work, I have tested many different eLearning platforms and I must say that uQualio® has the upper hand in ease of use. The promotional eLearning was fun and engaging, and the fact that I was also lucky enough to win an iPad while having fun; just shows that the people behind are as great as the product.”

At uQualio® we care about your privacy

We believe in Scandinavian values, where trust and safety are top priorities. It is important for us that our users have a clear understanding of our privacy practices, how we collect and use the information and who has access to it. 


We are committed to keeping your personal information private and supporting industry-leading methods and practices, hereunder the General Data Protection Regulation. All employees at uQualio® work by strict security procedures to ensure the safe use of our products, so you can feel comfortable when working with us.


We have designed our products and services so any information you pass on will be kept safe at all time. We do not use your personal information as a commodity to achieve a profit, we use it only to deliver you services and functionalities you affirmatively have chosen.


Learn more about our privacy policy here.

Your personal data belongs to you and you alone.

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