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We are happy to announce that uQualio®’s Partner Program is growing at a rapid pace. Eleven partners have successfully onboarded, and many more are on the pipeline!

Since the launch of our Partner Program in March 2020, we have successfully onboarded 11 new Partners! Video producers, voice actors, content providers, technology vendors, and many other industry related businesses have joined our global community. The reason? To provide our customers the services and tools needed to create exceptional eLearning courses and materials!

Are you looking for someone to help you produce your own eLearning videos? Flow Connect 4, LatitudBCN, Kaiserbrand, and VidEd have a great amount of experience and expertise in producing top notch eLearning videos for the Danish, Spanish, German, and American markets respectively. Are you looking for a library of eLearning videos and courses? Learning Planet, imc AG or KAPI - video2learn have an extensive video eLearning library that surely will cover all your training needs.

Need a professional voice over on your eLearning videos? Shane Graham, Mike Cantrell and Susie New have you covered! Are you looking to record your webinars and transform them into eLearning? ClickMeeting is a web-based webinar software guaranteed to help you make all your webinar projects go smoothly.

Get to know all of them in our Partner Listing.

About our Partner Program

Are you a Service Provider and would you like to be part of uQualio®’s global community of Partners? 

Learn more about the Partner Program here: https://www.uqualio.com/partnerprogram

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