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The world doesn’t speak only one language. Neither should your training & learning processes. Therefore, we now support 11 languages (and counting!) on our uQualio® video eLearning platform.

We understand that in today’s ever more interconnected business world, you cannot expect everyone to speak a common language.

From your suppliers, sales partners, customers, and even your very own team, there is a great possibility that someone in your value chain is located in a different part of the world and thus speak and understand a specific language. This can make communication and reaching your goals challenging, especially if you need to onboard and reskill partners you rely on or if you need to train your customers on your product.

We speak fluently:

- English 

- Danish 

- German 

- French 

- Spanish 

- Norwegian 

- Russian 

- Ukrainian 

- Swedish 

- Polish 

- Italian

Now you can publish online training for your key audiences to learn, train and upskill themselves in a language that makes sense, whenever it makes sense to them, on any device with our cloud-based video eLearning platform!

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