crea cursos basados en video para impulsar tu negocio

Una solución de video eLearning basada en la nube para potenciar el compromiso y la motivación de tus clientes, empleados y socios.

¿Qué puede hacer uQualio  por tu negocio?

Con nuestra plataforma, puedes utilizar vídeos para crear y distribuir cursos de formación.

Mejora y mesura el impacto de tu videos de formación para ahorrar tiempo y costes, aumentar las ventas, promocionar tu marca y asegurar la lealtad de tus socios y clientes con nuestra plataforma. 

Una herramienta que se basa en la gamificación y la formación "bite-size". 

Una plataforma intuitiva que te permite interactuar con tu audiencia.

Una solución de formación económica y sencilla.

¿Cómo funciona?

El proceso es sencillo...

  1. Escoge el video en su teléfono, ordenador, YouTube, Vimeo o medios similares

  2. Cargue o vincule los videos a un curso en su cuenta uQualio®

  3. Agregue imágenes, documentos, preguntas y configura el curso

  4. Publica el curso y compártelo con tu audiencia

  5. ¡Comprueba su progreso y comunícate con ellos!

... y funciona en todos los dispositivos 

Para poder trabajar y aprender desde cualquier lugar

what people say...

"We were very impressed with how well considered the product design is, the quality of the support available online, as well as the speed with which you put together a credible "dummy" version of a Channel based on our own content. Lots of very agile thinking going on in your company!"


—  Kate Barton, Marketing Administrator at Viridian Nutrition

Book a demo to get a 14-day FREE trial! 

Obtenga una prueba gratuita de 14 días para crear su propio canal, crear y publicar eLearning e invitar hasta 10 personas a la vez

"Una plataforma pensada para profesionales por profesionales"


Algunos de nuestros clientes:

"By giving our employees access to a video eLearning Platform they become more motivated, confident, and successful in their jobs together whilst improving their interactions with colleagues, partners, and/or customers. It ultimately plays an important role in their appreciation of us as their employer."

By offering the users of our products online training courses and certifications in the use of our products, we can improve the customer experience of us as a supplier and the users’ utilization of the solution, as well as reducing support cost and resources spent.  The gamification aspects of the courses make the whole learning process more dynamic and engaging.” 

Video eLearning increases our sales partners’ knowledge of our products, making them really good at recognizing and generating leads while improving the customer experience of our solutions. The eLearning Video Platform helps tremendously with the process of creating training courses and distributing them effectively to our sales partnes.” 

When online training courses are made with bite-sized videos, online training is great for both initial training and ongoing performance support. It makes our technical partners able to provide installation, maintenance, repair, support, and even customer training. And that makes our customers happy!” 

"By making bite-sized training courses available online and embracing the principles of M-learning, we support the learning process even after classroom training ends. In other words, the video eLearning platform supports our course participants' performance whenever they need it.” 

Our L&D specialist simply loves it. They have a modern microlearning tool to manage, distribute, and create video training courses with gamification aspects for multiple target groups in a fast, easy, reliable, and flexible way. It saves them a lot of time and trouble. It does what it is intended to do – make people more skilled.” 

Social sharing with value is extremely important to break through the noise. This tool does the job by combining online video eLearning together with social media marketing. We can share learning campaigns on selected social media platforms, and everyone involved can share their badges, promoting themselves and our company at the same time. Brilliant!” 

I really like to learn by watching microlearning videos. It is great when the videos only cover one main topic at a time, and they are not too long. I especially like that after each video I can take tests and thereby confirm whether I understood the main learning objectives of the video. Being able to take a test and get a badge gives me the opportunity to prove and show that I am qualified as well. Of course, nowadays I take it for granted, but it is reassuring that I always have access to the knowledge – At work, when I travel, at home; basically on any device, whenever I want. I believe this mobile learning aspect has helped me keep up with my learning objectives a lot.” 

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